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Used when carpeting needs restorative cleaning. All areas are pre-inspected with the customer. Carpets are pre-conditioned with specific solutions to break down soils and then extracted with hot neutralizing solutions.

Brochure FabriZone has developed the most Advanced Carpet Cleaning Systems available. Our Purclean Dry Cleaning Process blows ozone under a floating shroud to purify and deodorize Naturally leaving carpets “OZO-FRESH”, dry and usable in 1 to 2 hours. Carpet and Fiber Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers, Nationwide recommend FabriZone. We teach all Affiliates the right method to best clean every condition whether it is residential or commercial. FabriZone makes every Affiliate a “Specialist”.

We train our Affiliates to identify the problem areas with a special light, then treat the contaminated areas with a cleaning solution to the floor below the carpet, and extract with a special attachment until gone, we finally treat with our finishing solution, therefore never lifting the carpet or flooring. You'll be amazed at the results.

Area Rugs are thoroughly vacuumed and specialty cleaned according to the fiber and construction. Special attention is paid to the fringes. You can provide pick up and delivery service at your convenience.

FabriZone Affiliates use many special methods of cleaning. Each is especially suited to particular fabrics, fibers or problems. FabriZone unique methods guarantee no shrinkage, no color bleeding, and no damage to the upholstery being cleaned.

Brochure Removal of dead, decaying skin, fungal spores, perspiration residue, body fats, pollens and other allergens. Vacuuming, cleaning, removal of spots and stains and deodorizing included in this service.

Brochure This is a hot market that is driven by the Allergic and Chemically Sensitive. FabriZone offers an excellent Duct Cleaning System 12 months of the year, even with the furnace on. The system brushes, vacuums and deodorizes to create a Happier, Healthier Indoor Environment.

Brochure FabriZone Affiliates use stain and soil retardant for the protection of Carpets, Upholstery, Drapery, Fabrics and Fibers as an add on service to cleaning – an opportunity for FabriZone affiliates to expand their profitability of operations.

Brochure FabriZone Offers a Professional Appearance Program that has been endorsed and used by Carpet and Fiber Manufacturers. A FabriZone Stay Clean Maintenance Program can be contracted to both Commercial and Industrial Accounts to ensure their investment of leasehold capital expenditures retains its appearance retention as expected. Chairs, office partitions, woodwork, janitorial contracts are just a few of the extras that come from these lucrative accounts.

FabriZone has the system to effectively dry and deodorize carpeting on-site without expensive Removal and Reinstallation.

Brochure FabriZone offers an expanded scope of related services, such as Fire Retardant Treatments, “URASE” Pet Odor Removal System, Anti-Stat treatments, Spot Dying, Carpet Re-Stretching, Car, RV and Boat Cleaning. Products sales of Ozone units, Vacuums, Filters and Spotters all add to the gross sales and profits.
Brochure FabriZone uses a full service approach to our customers, expanding sales and profits. Anyone's home or office constantly needs to be restored and our Total Service Concept is a true winner. We train affiliates how to market and manage this unique concept.

Brochure Acoustical or Vinyl Tile, Stipple or Plaster Ceilings and even Painted walls can be thoroughly cleaned quickly and easily with the FabriZone system. Our cleaning formulations are used to eliminate odors and leave the structure hygienically fresh.

Brochure Natural stone such as Marble, Limestone, Granite and Ceramic need maintenance protection and even restoration. With our service these lifetime floors can look new again.

Brochure FabriZone Affiliates are trained to restore and protect natural stone such as Marble, Limestone, Granite as well as Wood, Vinyl Linoleum and Tile Floors. Our technical research & support centre can assist any Affiliate in dealing with cleaning challenges to these growing markets.

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