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FabriZone ensures that you score on the real estate market, selling your home fast, for more money and with stunning results! Let the talented and experienced crew at FabriZone improve the marketability of your home. A wise investment in preparation of your home can give you a return of 26% or greater!

Your Real Estate Agent will note the areas that may need attention. Trained professionals will advise you of areas that need to be decluttered, depersonalized, cleaned, repaired or painted. FabriZone will take care of the entire process from start to finish, leaving your home looking fresher, more spacious and organized.


Whether you want a breath taking entry, a family friendly den, a dream kitchen, a bathroom retreat or an inviting exterior, FabriZone will deliver an affordable service that is guaranteed to make your home stand out and be buyer-friendly.


FabriZone is on the cutting edge of new trends and home improvements. We can also provide service to your new home!


"...My house in Wychwood Park, needed someone to look after innumerable small jobs as well as a large painting assignment and interior carpet replacement. FabriZone took care of every detail. This job was performed over the hectic Christmas and New Year period. I could not possibly have gotten the house ready in time without their service. I highly recommend FabriZone, large or small, on any property."
Dr. Shorter M.D., FRCPC

"I make one call to co-ordinate all the service my vendors need to prepare their home for sale. They love the professional service by a reasonable contractor that delivers on time! I recommend the FabriZone Home Prep Services to all my clients where I think they need assistance."
Real Estate Sales Professional

"FabriZone Home Prep Services made my client's carpets look like new and I couldn't even smell the pets. I thought they have to be replaced. I recommend FabriZone to any of my clients that need a professional contractor they can trust!"
Real Estate Sales Professional


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