Continuous media attention given to outdoor air pollution diverts our attention to the fact that today we spend more than 90% of our lives indoors and that our indoor air quality can be as much as 10 times worse than the air outdoors. Allergies, work related absenteeism, respiratory ailments in children under five and in extreme circumstances, lung and heart problems are all health related problems that can be attributed to poor indoor air quality. Everything from pet hair, pollen, fungi and dust mites can be responsible for all sorts of health issues that cause needless suffering for many individuals.

Think of air pollution and you usually think of factories and freeways, not bedrooms and family rooms. The real danger isn't from stepping outside, it's from sleeping, eating and just plain living in your own home. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that indoor air is commonly two to five times, even ten to twenty times or more polluted than the air outside. Even more alarming, there's evidence that more than half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor air quality from airtight buildings and homes. Daily indoor use of cleaners, aerosols, sprays, harmful chemicals, laser printers and photocopiers all contribute to this modern day Health Hazard.

Humidity control, air handling units (AC/Heating units), dry soil removal and regular fabric cleaning are all important factors in maintaining good indoor air quality. FabriZone can advise both home and business owners on how to improve indoor air quality.

FabriZone offers residential and business customers a free professional consultation on how to improve indoor air quality. To find out how FabriZone helps to eliminate this forgotten cause of needless health problems call your local FabriZone Professional.

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