Call a Fabrizone affiliate when disaster strikes. They are skilled professionals that know how, not only to excel in the technical aspects of the job, but also in customer relations. Emergency cleaning of water and soot, installing flood fans, dehumidifiers, and deodorizing is essential to help minimize your loss. Being insurance specialists, we also clean and restore contents and structures, deodorizing, painting, debris removal, dehumidification, carpet repairs and re-placement, anti-bacterial treatments and storage.

Emergency Cleaning Structure Cleaning & Painting
Content Restoration Debris Removal

Emergency Cleaning

FabriZone can normally respond to a claim within 2 to 4 hours of receiving your call. As emergency cleaning is essential to help minimize the claim loss, our restoration specialists are trained to spot these areas and immediately treat them. This eliminates further loss and instills confidence in the claimant that their loss is being handled with care by competent professionals.


Content Restoration

We provide complete cleaning and restoration of all contents including clothes. This service can be performed on location, or we move (pack-out) the contents to our facilities for cleaning. Depending on the amount of time needed for reconstruction of the premises, storage will also be provided. When we are notified that reconstruction is complete, we arrange a convenient time with the claimant for delivery of their contents.




FabriZone Affiliates utilize the most up-to-date deodorization methods available. Our trained professionals will determine the proper odor counteract needed, as well as the method required to disperse the counteract for the various areas i.e. structure, contents or clothing. The methods used will be thermal fogging, wet fogging, contact sprays or ozone treatments..

In some cases we find it is necessary to raise the temperature with a structure to open the pores in various materials i.e. woods, fabrics, etc. We then atomize the appropriate solution into a dry fog which is measured in microns. These tiny particles can then travel the same path as the original odor molecules which penetrated the pores of these materials via the fire heat. This not only ensures but guarantees complete deodorization.



Structure Cleaning & Painting

We clean, deodorize and paint any type of wall, ceiling, floor or structure. Our restoration specialists spend a terrific amount of time scoping in this area.

Experience has taught us that it can become very time consuming and costly if the initial scoping has not been done properly as soot and odor can remain in "dead spaces" i.e. behind baseboards, electrical sockets, attics, door frames etc. FabriZone affiliates will provide you with a complete list of recommendations to return the premises to normal condition along with explanations and prices for these recommendations.


Debris Removal

FabriZone affiliates provide complete debris removal along with full documentation itemizing all non-restorable goods. This along with content removal and storage completely prepares the structure for contractors to begin reconstruction.

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