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Beginning in 1959, Syd W. Collier Co. Ltd. started selling floor cleaning equipment and chemicals to the Sanitation industry. By 1963, the company had developed a complete line of floor machines and vacuums, which incorporated unique ideas and was awarded several patents. As the company grew, Cleancare International became the new marketing name.

In 1964 the company's first foreign market was opened with a distributor in Lima, Peru, leading to an assembly plant built to service the South American market.

In 1964 Syd noticed that carpet cleaning - a rapidly changing field - was an obviously profitable market. There were no books or courses offered on carpet cleaning, so he established Carpet Clinic (a new company) to test new equipment and chemical products specifically aimed at carpet cleaning. This company soon began to train technicians and owners of cleaning businesses on how to develop a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business with equipment and chemicals from Cleancare International.

In 1967 Syd Collier designed, manufactured and had patented the first carpet Hot Water Extractor (steam cleaner) with an adjustable brush (called a Stream Brush), which was an enormous success for Cleancare.

During 1973 Syd's son, David, became involved in management of Carpet Clinic and Cleancare International - following about 10 years of part-time involvement and completion of his university education. David brought new vigor to the companies and with his youth and practical experience. He directed most of his efforts towards the sales and marketing aspects of the companies.

In 1980 Cleancare International was purchased by G.H. Wood & Co. Ltd, a 60 year old Canadian company in the sanitation business.

During the past 40 years the Colliers have set up more than 600 independent carpet and upholstery cleaning business world wide and have gained an enormous wealth of experience in the cleaning industry.

Syd Collier retired in 1995 at the age of 76. David consults with his father as his special expertise and knowledge of business and the industry is invaluable. He also makes special appearances at training sessions.

David S. Collier, President and owner of FabriZone Canada Ltd. has been an industry pioneer in his own right - starting his apprenticeship in the cleaning industry early, working part-time at Carpet Clinic through school and becoming Sales and Marketing Director of Cleancare International. David conceived and launched FabriZone Cleaning Systems concept in 1981. He has been successful in recruiting top executive talent to support the FabriZone affiliates and continues to strive toward making FabriZone the number one name in quality cleaning throughout the world.

FabriZone is currently expanding our affiliate program through North America and around the world.

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